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The #1 Premier Online Typing Program!

Looking for a quality online program to learn to type or to improve your keyboarding skills? TypingInstructorWeb is a high quality program that is both educational and entertaining. Choose from over 20 Typing Courses for typists of all ages and skill levels, based on Typing Instructor, an award-winning typing program for 28 years, and recipient of the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its Kids and Platinum Typing Software.

Multi-Level, High Quality Typing Games –
Free Typing Trial!

No more flat, boring typing games! These games have multiple levels of play and settings so you can play them at your skill level and advance to a harder level. Play Ziggy – it’s full of surprises! Type the words fast to turn the top of each pillar a new color before Ziggy gets zapped by the bad guys. Try to beat all four levels and score the most points! Shake off the dust and head for the Wild West. Try your hand at shooting snakes as you type away the threats that lurk under the rocks. Try a free typing trial now!

20+ Typing Courses
Typing Lessons with Real-Time Feedback
Play Multi-Level Typing Games in the Arcade!
Exciting Keyboarding Practice Activities
Typing Certificates

20+ Typing Courses

Choose from the Ages 8 to 9 Course, the Home Row Course, the Advanced Keyboarding Course, or the Suggested Typing Course and more! All Typing Courses are completely organized and easy to follow in perfect sequence, with lessons, practice exercises, tests, and unit tests.

Typing Lessons with
Real-Time Feedback

All lessons have voiceover instructions, an onscreen keyboard, and guide hands to show typists proper finger to key placement. They see real-time feedback on their progress as they type.

Play Multi-Level Typing Games in the Arcade!

Enjoy practicing your typing skills playing Ziggy! See if you can beat all four levels and claim the high score, or try your hand at shooting snakes in the Wild West. Try & Play Now! Click the links below to play.

» Play Ziggy Now!
» Play Wild West Now!

Exciting Keyboarding Practice Activities

Take a break from your Typing Course and practice typing interesting articles about sports or medicine – or a story from children’s literature. You can even import your own articles to practice typing!

Typing Certificates

Print a Certificate of Accomplishment when you complete a Typing Course. Commemorate your achievement with a document showing the course you completed and your words per minute.

*Source: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service – based on cumulative dollar sales (Jan - Dec 2010).
**Awards may refer to previous Typing Instructor programs.
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TypingInstructor Web for Kids
  • Online learning - 24/7/365
  • Over 20 complete web Typing Courses
  • Multi-level typing games
  • Play games with just Learned Keys
  • Play games with a variety of settings
  • Proven educational typing methods
  • Based on 28-year history of typing instruction
  • Follows guidelines of national keyboarding standards
  • No software to install or update
  • Security for every user
  • Learn at any time – 24/7/365
  • Learn from any location with Internet access
  • Select the Typing Course that’s right for you
  • Quickly build your keyboarding skills
  • Select a 2nd and 3rd Typing Course to increase your skills
  • Creative ways to practice your typing skills
  • Games can enjoyed by typists of all skill levels
  • Build your typing skills with challenging games

  • #1 Best-Selling Typing Software in 2010

    Gold Award – TopTenREVIEWS

    Children’s Software Revue —
    All Star Software 5 Star Award